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I am in a position where I need to replace every single piece of equipment in my studio. I sew corsets, custom anything, and whatever I feel like, from chiffon to leather. I had a pfaff sewing machine from the 1980s, a five thread pfaff serger. A 8 thread serger and an industrial upholstery weight machine. I am wondering what you folks have, what you like/don't like... Also on the pressing front. Anyone have a press as well as an iron?


For those of you who draft your own patterns, do you "pencil and paper" it, or use a computer program? I am trying to figure out CorelDraw and am struggling a bit, so bounce between the two methods right now...


Heart Truth Calgary Red Dress Fashion Show

I was selected as one of 11 designers from 18 submissions to create a unique Red Dress in support of heart and stroke awareness in women. This was my original sketch.

Original Heart Truth Calgary sketch, Ivy Rose Designs, 2012 IMG_1143

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Brocade with gores

This is for those who ask "how much extra fabric do I need to pattern match my corset?" I still didn't have enough.
 But I did a pretty good job in most spots.

Now onto construction... I used this gorgeous brocade that I think is silk, flatlined to coutil of the outer layer, and quilting cotton for the lining.  I drafted the pattern to my model's measurements using (you guessed it) Foundations Revealed pattern drafting tutorial, and then modified it to create the angles and hip gore that I desired. Made a mock-up, it needed a bit of tweaking, and then I constructed this piece.

I stitched seams twice, then pressed open and topstitched right next to the seam. They trimmed up fairly nice from the inside, so less bulk!
Bone casings are single layer strips of coutil for this girl, as I don't understand why you'd need tubes if the bone is going between the coutil that is flatlined and the coutil strip... Also, less bulk!

For those who read here frequently, this would be the corset I was asking about how each of you place your bone casings on diagonally seamed designs. I put them evenly spaced on the middle third of each side (essentially the "side" of the corset) and evenly spaced at the top and the bottom edges as well. On the front, I angled them from the outside of the breast down, ending closer to CF at the bottom edge.

Final fit test before finishing binding...

I believe I counted 96 individual pieces of fabric for this corset...

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*editted to put piles of stuff under a cut* Sorry, I thought I had but must have been sleeping...

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